Back Ground

Fiat brand first car was built in 1899 and company’s first mass car production factory was established in 1923 in Turin, Italy. It is also now the headquarter office for the group. Other plants were later established in Turin followed by in Italy and rest of the world.


Fiat Brands and Sales

 Fiat Group Markets vehicle with various brand names, which are 

  1. Fiat
  2. Lyncia
  3. Alfa Romeo
  4. Ferrari
  5. Maserati
  6. Iveco Commercial Vehicles
  7. Fiat Tractors

Alfa Romeo branded cars are top of the line and considered very prestigious in Europe and other developed countries.

Fiat Auto is selling around 2.4 million cars per annum in Italy and around the world. Annual sales is to the tune of Euros 52 billion of which over 700 million is being incurred only on research and development. Now Fiat also has the backing of US giant General Motors Corporation who holds 20% shares of Fiat Auto.


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